Change We Can Expect… Not Much

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The Associated Press released a poll this morning which indicates that 18% of voters are “persuadable”. While one can argue over the the validity of an Internet poll, the article raises an interesting point:

Persuadable voters give McCain and Obama even marks on the economy, as well as other financial issues, including Social Security, gas prices, the budget deficit and housing prices. That underscores the opportunity each has to try to maneuver for an edge on the economy as a whole.

It is an amazing prospect that with the current mood for change, there is such a slim margin between the two presidential candidates. I read this as a message to the candidates. We “persuadable” voters are still not convinced that either of the candidates represent the real change that this country needs. With a trillion dollar banking bailout looming, how can either candidate which represent their parties claim that they will change the system. Neither one of them have a real track record of change. Claiming that one opposed the war or one supported the surge is really irrelevant.

A trillion dollar “get out of financial ruin” plan far outways any debate that the campaigns have brought fourth. Tell me this Senators McCain and Obama (if you both represent change) why neither of you raised the “we need to change our financial systems immediately” debate before it was too late. I suspect that the reason neither of you saw this coming was because the change that we really need is a fundamental shakeup of all of Washington. It will take the President and every Member of Congress to actually work together for the good of the nation… not themselves. This will only happen when we (the voters) start voting in new people if they don’t contribute to change in their first term. We need to hold every politician accountable, not just the President but also in the Senate and House. The message to them will be “change or get out!” – Glenn


2 responses to “Change We Can Expect… Not Much

  1. “Change or Get Out”
    Are people content to be unhappy with the sitting administration rather than risk the unknown? Is it that people inherently do not like change or to be “responsible” for what is happening in our country and our lives. Maybe we have become too apathetic/lazy.

    Are you suggesting that we need more voter accountability. Presently there is none.

  2. I am suggesting that change will not come from the election of one person. WE need to make the change by holding EVERY politician accountable at EVERY election, not just one position every four years.

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