John McCain Suspends His Campaign

In another unexpected move, John McCain announced today that he will “suspend” his campaign to “set politics aside” in order to go to Washington DC to get the current bailout legislation passed. He also called on Barack Obama to join with him to postpone the debate currently scheduled for Friday night.

Barack Obama responed later in the the day to promote his basic principles that the bill should include and that he and McCain were suppose to issue a joint announcement around these principles that the two both agree with. However he did not join McCain in suspending his campaign and postponing the debate.

What I would like to know is what exactly does John McCain mean when he is suspending his campaign. Will the campaign office shut down? Will his staff be sent away on vacation? Will they get paid? As Jerry Seindfeld would say, “What’s the deal?” John McCain has a very large paid and volunteer campaign staff. What do they do?

If John McCain wants to be perceived as someone who is “taking charge” in this crisis, why can’t he just go to Washington DC and be a senator. Does he need to postpone a two hour debate?

I am sure devoted party members are going to look at it through their own filter. However, its strikes me as odd that a campaign that has already taken a relatively unknown VP nominee and limited her exposure to the press is now attempting to postpone a debate that is necessary to better understand how each candidate thinks. -Glenn

2 responses to “John McCain Suspends His Campaign

  1. Glenn,

    An equally intriguing question is: what will McCain exactly be doing that takes so much time that he can’t campaign? Holding conference calls and if so with whom and how will it help? Holding meetings and if so with whom and how will it help?

    A truly baffling move. As I said in my Twitter comment on this same subject, McCain’s next gambit will be to suspend the election altogether…in light of the financial crisis.

    Cynthia B.

  2. Cynthia,

    As usual, great insight. One wonders what an incumbent Senator (or any politician for that matter) actually has to do that they can run a full time campaign at the same time that they are running for another (or their same) office.

    Great seeing you this week in DC!


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