Agreement Reached… Heaven Help Us All

Lawmakers make announcement. Source:

Lawmakers in conjunction with the Administration announced agreement on the basic principles of a $700 Billion bailout package to buy up the bad debt in the financial system.

While an a agreement was reached, few details were provided. reported:

Lawmakers declined to provide details of the plan, but it is expected to include limits on executive pay and strong oversight provisions.

Whether it is the right solution or not, experts will say that this problem is the result of factors that span over 20 years. Apparently, Congress and the Administration have figured out the fix in about a week and a half.

Get ready for a wild ride… things are about to change. – Glenn

One response to “Agreement Reached… Heaven Help Us All

  1. This is a total outrage that will costs and change many lives. What does God think about this? What would he do? Where’s the money at? We’re just digging ourselves into a much deeper hole than we are currently in. Please help us Jesus.

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