Frank Luntz Scores First Debate

This is a FOX News video with Frank Luntz, who was an aide to former Speaker of the House Gingrich, scoring the first presidential debate with a mixed panel of voters. Luntz is a republican and a well respected pollster.


2 responses to “Frank Luntz Scores First Debate

  1. I was disturbed by several things during the debate. Obama took it on the chin when he didn’t respond to the $983MM pork barrel spending roundhouse punch landed by McCain.

    Indeed I felt that McCain gained the upper hand in the ‘economy’ portion of the debate. Even though he is absolutely wrong in his positions, this is ‘sound bite’ America that doesn’t bother to get informed as us ‘Eastern Elites’ do, thus, I fear McCain scored points on the economy with undecideds. I hope it is not lost that Obama is offering tax breaks to 95% of the taxpayers. I hope it is not lost that McCain did not once mention the middle class and continues to believe that the trickle down theory works – it doesn’t.

    On the foreign policy portion of the debate, I actually think Obama scored points. He was calm, illustrated that he DOES have a clear understanding of the issues AND a plan to address. Meanwhile, McCain refuse to admit that he was wrong to go into Iraq in the first place – which put us in this mess.

    I greatly despised McCain’s condescending attitude with constant ‘you don’t understand’ commentary. And if you can’t look someone in the eye – then you’re hiding something.

  2. Oh – and I should mention that my son is a Captain in the Army and has done two tours in Afghanistan – was awarded the Bronze Star. He is perhaps more qualified than either candidate to understand the situation over there (he even has briefed visiting senators).

    In 2004 he voted for Bush. After returning from his second tour this past March he told me that Obama may have some shortcomings but he has his vote!!! That should tell you something.

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