John McCain 0, Barack Obama 0, Jim Leher 1


What is most desturbing about the first Presidential Campaign that included the two major party nominees is that neither one of then got into details about the current financial crisis. Both reverted back to core messaging platforms but avoided any detailed analysis or recommended solutions.

To say the least, I am most disappointed withy both candidates. I have the President of the United States telling me that unless we pass this bailout bill, we face grave economic problems. Either both candidates are too afraid to address the specifics head on or they are waiting to take a final position. Either way, neither candidate stepped up to the plate and gained my confidence on this issue.

On a positive note, Jim Leher knocked this debate out of the park, He moderated a very effective debate that allowed each candidate an opportunity to promote their ideas. The fact that neither candidate took the opportunity to discuss the financial peril we face in detail is a great disappointment.

The full debate transcript can be found here.


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