Episode 7: Please Pass the $700 Billion

If only it were just Grey Poupon, but no, the US Government wants to spend $700 billion to prop up the economy. In this episode, you’ll (finally) get a plain English description of the enormously confusing, and enormously important, proposed bailout package. And in their review of the debate they explain why John McCain won’t be invited to play in Barack Obama’s sandbox anymore. We end on our take on the latest adventure in the world of Sarah Palin. The latest episode of Politalk is up! Give it a listen — you won’t be disappointed.

You can get the PoliTalk Podcast from Podcast.com and iTunes.

Last Shot Questions – at the end of every episode, we end with a couple of questions for our listeners to ponder and give us their thoughts. This week:

Jeff asks – “Do you think there is a free market for healthcare?”

Glenn asks – “Do you think we will have any money left over to do anything after this bailout bill?”

Please add your answers and comments on the show below.

If you want to send us a private email, send it to politalk@turnitonprod.com.

One response to “Episode 7: Please Pass the $700 Billion

  1. My parents went through the Great Depression. I know a few of their stories — stories that negatively affected their entire lives and that of my brothers and mine. My mother’s parents lost their home and furnishings. They lived in a cousin’s barn. My grandfather walked miles upon miles throughout eastern Washington looking for a job. He begin drinking too much. My father’s parents put their seven kids in a Catholic orphanage. The family moved in with my grandparents to save money. My grandfather lost his farm and everything. My dad quit school at 16 and rode the rails looking for job.

    I don’t want a repeat of the same kind of financial meltdown.

    Imagine, if you will, China, Japan, India, the Middle East and Europe deciding to cash in their trillions of dollars in Treasury Bonds all at once — which the US government definitely does not have the financial resources to pay — because they no longer believed in the financial viability of the U.S?

    Where would this country be then? Which barn would you be living in?

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