How Palin and Biden Think in the Context of Row v. Wade

Excellent contrast between the two Vice Presidential candidates in terms of what they know and thing about Supreme Court rulings. No commentary required.


3 responses to “How Palin and Biden Think in the Context of Row v. Wade

  1. I happen to agree with Joe on this one. Unfortunately, the folks who like Palin liked her answer, intellectually challenged as it was.

  2. I actually think Sarah had a good answer for the first question around the Roe v. Wade issue. Whether you agree with the response or not, you can get a sense that she is passionate about her choice of positions. I give her credit. What was disconcerting was that she could not name another Supreme Court case. That was the piece that left me cringing.

  3. Sarah proved one thing: she needs three days of intensive coaching to get through 1.5 hours of simple questions.

    Let’s get back to interviews with Katie to see how she does without coaching. I think I know the answer.

    During the debate, if you listened closely to her sentence structures and words, she speaks at approximately at the 7th grade level – which may be ok for Alaska – you bet.

    And here’s the shocker – she seems to pronounce ‘nuclear’ exactly like George W. – more of the same!

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