Bill O’Reilly Interview with Barney Frank

What happened to political discourse?

This country has serious problems that we need to address. The media is one of the checks and balances to both educate and provide an independent perspective of what our politicians are telling us. Thank you Fox News and Bill O’Reilly for lowering political discourse to yelling and personal attacks that neither educates nor provides independent perspective.

As a media outlet and a “news analyst”, both parties should take pause and reflect how there actions impact the greater good. In this country, we have a free press, which is one of our greatest assets. This kind of programming is reminiscent more of Wally George and Morton Downey Jr. than news that is “Fair and Balanced” .

What I was looking for was someone to really peel back the onion on some of the statements that Congressman Barney Frank has made. Instead, the conversation devolved into an angry tirade in which no better understanding of the issues came out.

At a time of such need for information regarding our financial crisis, having an interview that was comprised mainly of yelling and personal attacks was truly a wasted opportunity to help the American people better understand the crisis we find oursleves in. — Glenn


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