Palin on Fox News’ Carl Cameron

Carl Cameron revisits the Katie Couric interview questions.


3 responses to “Palin on Fox News’ Carl Cameron

  1. It’s rare when a Fox News correspondent looks brilliant, but this one does when compared to the absolute, unequivocal moron sitting next to him. She is very smart when it comes to presentation, maybe even brilliant in the Reagan-esque mode, but she is dangerously lacking in any policy depth. She is an insult to my mother, who worked hard for 30 years to build her own business (in a man’s world), who lost her voice to cancer, overcame that, persevered and is in every way a woman of substance. Sarah Palin seems nice, and I’d like to have a beer with her, but she’s just in over her head. The Veep position may be a joke, and so we may not take her too seriously, but it’s still a job where some policy roots are necessary. While I am a liberal, I greatly admire the likes of Jodi Rell, Susan Collins, Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole because they at least have strong policy views underpinning what they say, rather than no policy views undermining what Sarah Palin so eloquently speaks. — Jeff

  2. As a female (liberal) who takes great pride in my right to vote, I must say that I am personally offended by Sarah Palin and her pathetic attempts at backpedalling. She is a bush-league amateur who, although not short on style and fluff, lacks the credentials and depth to be taken seriously as a governmental official. I give Carl Cameron credit for revisiting the disaster that was the Katie Couric interview and for pushing Gov. Palin regarding her moronic answers, but her “I apologize for being flippant” excuse is unacceptable and frankly transparent. Gov. Palin was not consciously trying to avoid Ms. Couric’s questions, she simply did not know the answers and could only provide them to Mr. Cameron because she had had a week to prepare for the Fox News spotlight. I was pleasantly surprised at Gov. Palin’s debate performance and will admit that she exceeded my expectations, which were dismal at best, but I am back to disgusted after this latest meager portrayal of the Republican VP candidate. Wake up, honey, you are in so far over your head. He should have picked Condi.

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