Special Episode of PoliTalk – The Bailout Bill Insurance Program

“The financial rescue package contains a provision that permits troubled financial institutions to apply for insurance (federal guarantees) and could prevent an outlay of $700,000,000,000. Furthermore, it can cut interest rates substantially, keep troubled homeowners in their homes, and certainly end the credit crunch,” says Michael S. Zarin, President, Wellfleet Investments LLC.

In this special episode of PoliTalk, Glenn interviews Michael to better understand his perspective. Michael first came to us via one of our blog postings that he commented on.

If you listen to only one program about the financial crisis that the US and the World faces, listen to this!

Michael lays out the case for a provision in the new Bailout Law that will allow the US Government to get us out of the credit crisis without spending the $700 billion.

Listen to this podcast and spread the word… More people need to know about this!

You can get the PoliTalk Podcast from Podcast.com and iTunes.


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