Sarah Palin to “Be in charge of the Senate”

Gov. Sarah Palin in a recent interview described the role of the VP to include being “in charge” of the Senate. She was not even close. While the Vice President is given the title “President of the Senate”, it carries no executive powers in that role. It’s main role in the Senate is to cast tie-breaking votes.


2 responses to “Sarah Palin to “Be in charge of the Senate”

  1. The question before the voters is Obama’s own actual values, personal judgment, inappropriate associations and his lack of qualifications for office of president. Why is it that anyone addressing these legitimate issues of Obama’s relationship with William Ayers or Acorn now is still being falsely even now diverted by being wrongfully called a racist by Obama and his supporter? Is that rather how typically he will treat all negative questions as well the rest of his life too? What no personal accountability as well? We do not need politicians like that for sure.

  2. Nonconformer,

    Go to the Rolling Stone Magazine site and look for a lengthy article published on October 16th about John McCain. Then ask yourself why we haven’t delved more into McCain’s questionable past, temper, poor judgement (which is why he apparently got shot down in Vietnam) womanizing, and the list goes on. Not exactly a role model, my friend. If the past is any indication of the future, McCain will further lead us into conflict. He is as unqualified to be President as anyone. So, all things being equal, I’ll take a shot with a guy that exhibits an uncanny resemblance to Abraham Lincoln rather than one the wreaks of Bush.

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