And the Winner is…

On this Election 08 eve, Glenn and Jeff offer their predictions, and their own insights into how to look at results election night. John McCain’s first positive TV ad features…Barack Obama? Are you kidding? Did you wonder who would be on the final Meet the Press before the election? Maybe Sarah Palin or Joe Biden? Did you miss it? Glenn and Jeff gleefully re-enact their own Shakespearean drama: Fred Thompson meets Tom Brokaw.  Note to Central Casting: send a bottle of No-Doze to the fellas at PoliTalk. Oh, and they have an interesting little discussion about re-writing a provision in the Constitution of the United States. And Glenn passionately weighs in and boldly declares that he’s going to vote for… It’s all right here in Episode12 of PoliTalk.

Listen to the current installment of PoliTalk and get yourself informed, inspired, entertained and ready for the day… spread the word… tell two friends, and so on and so on…

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2 responses to “And the Winner is…

  1. Well here we go. Big day.

    Interesting that the Republican PAC have just now unleashed its its outlandish attack ads. Disgusting people. That said – waaay too late. Strategically, do they not know that by the time they started these ads roughly 1/3 of the voters had already voted.

    Obama’s campaign will go down as a marketing machine – channels, messaging, etc. They have used all the traditional techniques to raise funds and get out the vote e.g., “donate now with a chance to win a backstage pass to Barack’s party in Chicago on Election Eve”. Also, saw a sailboat sailing along Fort Lauderdale Beach yesterday – the huge sails were an ad – vote for Barack Obama complete with head shot of Barack on taking up most of the main sail.

    My biggest worry today is that the youth vote does not turn out today. Here in Florida, lines have been long since early voting opened on October 20 – when I voted. Lines like this have only been seen in third world countries – so I take this is a good sign – people are willing to wait to cast their vote – as did I.

    I’m sure that I’ll be back later with another mindless post.

  2. Well the youth turned out – and so did everybody else.

    I was at a Cigar Bar last night watching the results. I could not believe the ignorant and racist remarks being made by a handful of the drunk and loud patrons. Absolutely pitiful.

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