Episode 14 – Bailout Goes Bust… Bush left in the Dust


Glenn excoriates the Bush Bailout, and explains why bankruptcy isn’t bad for the US auto industry. Jeff, on the other hand, rails against the bankrupt ideas that brought us this economic mess, and wonders
what kind of thinking will lead us out? Hilary Clinton for Secretary of State? Is that akin to sending your political opponent on a four- year paid vacation, incredibly adroit politics, sound policy, or a mixture of all three? Why haven’t we heard more about other cabinet positions?…and why that’s a good thing. Finally, we make our annual pilgrimage to the bar of political unrest for our last shot: Synecdoche New York.

Listen to the current installment of PoliTalk and get yourself informed, inspired, entertained and ready for the day… spread the word… tell two friends, and so on and so on…

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3 responses to “Episode 14 – Bailout Goes Bust… Bush left in the Dust

  1. And oh how it just keeps getting better:

    Today’s (Tuesday) Wall Street Journal Headline:

    “Insurers Buy Banks in Bid for Aid”.

    This is a feeding frenzy for free cash. I’m am totally astonished at the brazen attitude of the financial services industry. And absolutely astounded that Hank “Cash for my Cronies” Paulson is leading the charge to rape, rob and pillage what little Cheney and the good ole boys from Texas have left of the USA.

    Paulson the Pirate has hung his Gone Fishin’ sign out and left the vault door wide open.

    If I’m going to get screwed I prefer to enjoy it.

  2. I cannot afford to send Glenn a bottle of scotch for his last shot because nobody has bailed me out yet. However, I just became a bank holding company and am standing in line behind American Express. When I get my $3.8B, what kind of scotch would you like, Glenn?

  3. Macallan Fine Oak 21 Year Old Scotch 🙂

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