Episode 21 – Obama’s First 100, Bush’s Last One


What would you like to see President Obama do during his first 100 days in office? That is, if the inauguration will ever actually gets here (it seems like the lead up to this one will last forever).  Will you remember President Bush as a “single threaded” President, as Glenn  offers, or just a “total waste,” according to Jeff? If you had $600 million dollars, how would you spend it? Would you give it to something like cancer research or disabled veterans, or would you  spend it on notifying people about the switch to High Definition  television? We offer up our own unique PoliTalk solution to this problem. Is the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas politically motivated? Is the cease-fire between the conservative columnists and Barack Obama politically motivated? Listen to Episode 21 to get the answer to these questions, and our reviews of The Wrestler and Defiance — two must see movies. PoliTalk — where politics, policy and good conversation meet.

Listen to the current installment of PoliTalk and get yourself informed, inspired, entertained and ready for the day… spread the word… tell two friends, and so on and so on…

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2 responses to “Episode 21 – Obama’s First 100, Bush’s Last One

  1. I think President Obama is off to a good start.

    Reading the front page of the WSJ today – John Thain is the Poster Child for what’s wrong Corporate Amercia – what a SOB!!! I cannot believe what he did as BoA was bailing his butt. I guess he needed a $35,000 corporate toilet because his you-know-what isn’t like the rest of us.

    I hope he never works again – and shame on any company that hires him. I hope he finds out what it feels like to wonder how he’s going to pay his next bill.

    Unfortunately, the insiders take care of their own. Do nice guys really finish first anymore?

  2. If Barack Obama allows a bill to be passed with $600m in taxpayer dollars to buy people digital converter boxes then he should have the guts to immediately resign. What happened to “line by line”

    It is insulting to every american, especially those who voted for him to be so fiscally irresponsible.

    He needs to step up and crush this.

    Not that you need any other reason than common sense, would’t you want people to buy more new TV’s anyway? Good for the economy.

    Maybe all those folks from Circuit City would’nt lose their jobs! 🙂

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