Palin’s Back with a PAC

Yesterday, Governor Sarah Palin launched her own Political Action Committee which will allow her to fund raise, contribute to other campaigns and pay for her political travel. This puts her in a better position to keep her name alive outside of Alaska, keeping her options open for 2012.

Pam Pryor, volunteer spokeswoman for PalinPAC was quoted at saying:

She came onto the national scene, and there’s still a great deal of appetite in the political world to have her be a part of that.

Her family and Alaska come first. After that, if there’s extra time, I think she still wants to be involved and will look at the PAC as a way to fuel that to kind of fuel that political activity.


One response to “Palin’s Back with a PAC

  1. If Hillary’s NObama people are joining the PalinPAC, how influential/relevant can it possibly be?

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