Episode 24 – The Senate Stimulus Bill


After last week’s thorough investigation of the 413-page Senate bailout bill, Glenn digs deeper into the latest 700+ page bill, questioning the justification for a number of programs. Jeff, on the other hand, has gone from an all-out frontal assault on the pork provisions in the bill last week to lending his overall support, now that the bill has been stripped of many extraneous provisions. Policy aside, the bailout politics prove more interesting. Jeff postulates that the Conservative Right may have won a battle in their attempt to reposition the bill, but they have so far lost the war. Interestingly, he offers that the bill does indeed represent a step towards the “moderate middle” and thinks that the political ramifications will be  felt for years to come. Glenn, meanwhile, tosses a  hand grenade into the works by engaging in a discussion on universal health care. Sparks fly in Episode 24 of PoliTalk — your source for unbiased, unfiltered information about what’s really happening in Washington. Want talking heads screaming at each other? Watch Fox and MSNBC. Want interesting perspective on issues that really affect the lives of those on Main Street America? Listen to PoliTalk now.

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One response to “Episode 24 – The Senate Stimulus Bill

  1. So let the fun begin. As of this morning, the Obama administration starting announcing the new spending that is actually targeted at fixing the economy. This is different from the “spending bill” that was just passed giving the government a big bonus for doing such a good job. $75B to help homeowners keep their homes. Hmmmm wasnt that what the other bull – I mean bill was for also?

    How long will it take for the responsible Democrats to start realizing how duped they were in supporting $789B of wasteful government spending. That virtually none of it will help the current economic crisis.

    I predict that when this is done, the 2009 budget deficit, just for this year, will be over $2Trillion, and we are on the fast track to national bankruptcy. With only the Chinese to bail us out…..

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