Joins PoliTalk as a Sponsor To Enable Audience Participation


We are proud to announce that has become the latest sponsor to PoliTalk – The Weekly Political Podcast. offers cutting-edge home and business phone systems, with a special focus on the infrastructure and budget needs of small businesses that may operate out of homes, multiple locations, or off of cell-phones.

Turn It On Media is now using Phone.Com’s Virtual 1000 service to allow listeners of the show to call in and leave a voicemail comment for potential use in the show.’s award-winning service instantly turns the voicemail into an MP3 file that allows us to incorporate listener comments into our show.  We are very excited to have on board as a sponsor, please check out their amazing service for yourself by clicking on one of their services below:

If you want to participate in our show, call 1.800.834.9711 at any time to leave a message. We will review all messages and may use them in our show. Now YOU can be part of PoliTalk and be heard!


One response to “ Joins PoliTalk as a Sponsor To Enable Audience Participation

  1. Hey guys, a refreshing outside the beltway view of politics — I couldn’t agree more, banks aren’t the only institutions bankrupt today, the Republican party is. Bankrupt of ideas and leadership. Next thing you know they’ll want a bailout. I’ll bet Governor Jendal will accept that! Keep telling the truth.

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