Episode 26 – Purging the Politics


The Republican party seems to be sitting out this game called “getting the country back on its feet”. Glenn and Jeff discuss this along with the the idea of nationalizing the banking system. In this episode, listeners start to become part of the show through the new listener feedback number – 1-800-834-9711. Listen to Glenn and Jeff on PoliTalk — see why people are calling them the Car Talk of Politics — and get an unbiased, informative, entertaining view of what’s happening today. news and information — from two guys you’ll enjoy listening to, rather than the screaming matches you hear every night on political talk TV…

Listen to the current installment of PoliTalk and get yourself informed, inspired, entertained and ready for the day… spread the word… tell two friends, and so on and so on…

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2 responses to “Episode 26 – Purging the Politics

  1. Love the show!
    In my opinion: The republicans’ own worst enemy right now is their core supporters. If the leadership, especially the commentators, of the Grand Old Party don’t start handing out better talking points for their followers to use on those moderates out there… their only hope is that Obama and the Democrats will screw-up worse than Bush, Chaney and the GOP over the last few years. I understand living in the Southeast I have a lot of exposure to the worst of the worst and not all Republicans use these ridiculous lines of logic to diss everything liberal, democrat, and Obama. But these people are not coming up with these talking points on their own. They are taking the opinions of the leaders and commentators and repeating them without even thinking them though, which is the reality of all politics not just the right-wing. The problem with the republicans right now though is the stuff they are putting out there is so weak and sometimes completely ridiculous. For example: During and just after the election the line was “Bush is not really a republican”. Um… okay. And now those same people are saying “You know I never liked Bush (fooled me), but at least I knew he would/would not [insert some obscure action/inaction that no one not part of the conservative blogosphere has heard of].” And when you give them that I’m-confused-look, they go off on “The liberal media conspiracy… yada yada yada“ you know the rest. I know the conservatives have good ideas and good points, but it seems that the strategy is to hide them behind fear and confusion and even more perplexing George Bush. Come on GOP, I know it’s hard to see now but Yes You Can! You can win without sabotage. You can win with actual ideas. You can win with talking points about things people actually know and care about. Yes you can. Build the philosophy and they will come. (That and stop talking about Bush.)

  2. Never have we needed core republican ideals more than now…

    Fiscal responsibility that starts with the individual and rolls up to our leaders

    Power to the states, not the federal government

    Free markets – let failing companies fail

    Embrace Greed – Invest in the New Energy Economy

    Unfortunately, never has the party had its head so far up it’s…..

    Is it that tough to draft a better plan and get some air time? GOP has a HUGE opp to take back some seats in the next election. If they only had a clue..

    Time to take back the GOP….

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