Episode 31 – GM Driven to the Brink


What we have in GM and its bailout is a failure of imagination, a failure to communicate and a failure of execution. At PoliTalk, we keep our egos in check, but we take pride in bringing our substantial experience in politics and business to bear in communicating what’s really going on in Washington, and what it means for us. To this end, kudos to Glenn for predicting exactly what happened this weekend with GM months ago. In this episode, Glenn continues to call for GM to go into bankruptcy. Jeff and Glenn also speak passionately about the double standard being applied, where auto execs get fired and workers are asked to renegotiate their contracts, but financial services execs keep their jobs, and their bonuses, and we’re told their employees get to keep their bonuses because they were under contract. They also explain why Alberto Gonzolez won’t be traveling to Spain anytime soon, and why Sarah Palin may not be including John McCain on her Christmas Card list. Get the real scoop here on PoliTalk: the place where political insiders come to get the outside the beltway view on how their politics and policy gets traction, and where those on the outside come to get a real inside view on politics and policy in Washington. Always informative, entertaining and authentic, it’s  PoliTalk, featuring Glenn Gaudet and Jeff Kimball — two seasoned political and business pros.

Listen to the current installment of PoliTalk and get yourself informed, inspired, entertained and ready for the day… spread the word… tell two friends, and so on and so on…

You can get the PoliTalk Podcast from Podcast.com and iTunes.


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