Health Care Reform: 2 Questions that MUST be answered

Health care reform is a joke unless it seriously answers the following 2 questions: 1) when someone suffers a serious illness, should someone profit financially, and if so, who and why? 2) Many, including Richard Scott, a multi-millionaire former mergers and acquisitions lawyer turned for-profit health care executive, attack any government involvement in health care as being overly bureaucratic. My question to them: how could the system they currently support, which made them millionaires by the way, which routinely denied my wife care she needed that I had to fight for, be more cumbersome, more bureaucratic, more byzantine, more complex and more confusing? Lets have a serious policy debate. But we can’t do that until we really expose what’s driving health care policy in Washington: and that’s the money and powered interests on all sides — liberal, conservative and everywhere in between. I’ve lots four people in my family to cancer, and the saddest thing is that I’m not alone in my struggles — there are too many people like me out there. As the debate rages on, nameless, faceless, voiceless people lay sick and dying — squeezed for profits, churned through heartless insurance bureaucracies. It’s enough to make you sick. — Jeff


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