The Taliban and Pakistan: An Unholy Alliance

With our economy in shambles, unemployment growing, AIG taking more in bonuses than already announced, automakers going bankrupt, troops going into Afghanistan, so much debate about torture in the last administration, there seems to be little focus in Congress on a true national security crisis: the growing relationship between the Taliban and the government of Pakistan. An odd relationship, one where I imagine each side wants to be rid of the other, but where each is equally co-dependently dysfunctionally relient on the other, like a cancer to its host.   To learn more, just read this excellent article in this week’s Newsweek by Fareed Zakaria, which can be found here: Until we can understand the problem, we’re just helping the cancer spread, and ironically, it may affect us. Congress needs to immediately stop all military assistance to Pakistan, and then pass the Biden-Lugar bill. — Jeff


3 responses to “The Taliban and Pakistan: An Unholy Alliance

  1. Jeff,

    It is sad your not an environmental alarmist. There are 3 things we as people of this world must be involved with:

    1. Pakistan, kudos.

    2. Clean water, the genocide in Darfur is just the beginning if we cannot solve this issue. People will cannibalize each other when food runs out, what do you think they will do when they have no water? Also, no water = no crops. The wars of the future are likely going to be over water.

    3. Global WEIRDING. Stop calling it global warming, that is a misnomer at this point. It just happened to be the first sign of things to come. The temperature bands are going to widen, hots are going to get hotter, colds are going to get colder and we can see crazy things like snowstorms in summer (like we have seen in America recently) sadly enough the first countries to see this are going to be 1st world nations as exhaust and particulate laws are helping to clean the garbage out of the air. This debris has been getting frozen inside clouds making them reflective and bouncing heat out into space much like the ice caps do. This is what has been mitigating the warming effects of global weirding in the short term.

    Although, I disagree with Romm’s post as ‘weird’ does correctly describe bizarrely unexpected weather patterns and changes. It is at least informative->


    • Daniel: I think I’m alarmed by pretty much everything. My only disagreement with your list is that it is unfortunately too short. We can keep adding to it…proliferation of nuclear material, weakening of laws bridging banks and insurance/financial firms (Glass-Stegal), ignoring the reliance on drugs as a sustaining industry in Afghanistan/Pakistan, Mexico and Central America, systemic campaign finance corruption…unfortunately the list goes on and on. Keep the comments coming, and share the blog posts with your friends. We appreciate the feedback very much.

      • Jeff,

        I agree, there are many problems in the world but transportation, water and power are going to be the big ones.

        Also, speaking of nuclear proliferation, nuclear storage and disposal is a huge issue. Bill Nye in my opinion has really stepped up and covered this issue far better than anyone else I have seen. If you can find it I suggest everyone check out “The Eyes of Nye” especially the nuclear episode ( and his new show Stuff Happens (

        Finally, the drug prohibition would be a great topic for you guys to cover. The movement against it is seemingly gaining a lot of steam recently. With all the issues with Mexico it is no longer a social conservative issue versus a hippy stoner issue but a financial and security issue now too.

        We pay other countries like Afghanistan to grow poppies for us to make pain killers, Mexico is exporting millions (billions?+) worth of Marijuana and they have become the new bootleggers / mafia of our time.

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