An Interesting Case AGAINST Judge Sotomayor

Now is not the time to render judgment…so let me start this entry by rendering judgment:) As the nomination process unfolds for a new Supreme Court Justice, I know from my experience in the Senate and in working on Justice Souter’s confirmation hearing just how important certain qualities are. Intellectual curiosity, empathy and innate political skills — the ability to move votes — to work justices behind the scenes, to negotiate — are three qualities that need be prized in the next justice. There’s no doubt that whoever rises to the top will have the requisite legal credentials. But would you run the risk of compromising the aformentioned qualities in order to meet a quota? Or, given a choice, would you select someone who better fits this criteria who maybe didn’t fit a politically-driven quota, like, oh I don’t know, former Senator George Mitchell? or maybe even former Vice President Al Gore?  To better understand my point, a point I made in our most recent Podcast, you can read this excellent article from by Jeffrey Rosen — a brilliant writer and legal scholar… 


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