Specter To Cure All

picture being used on specterforthecure.com

Former Republican and now Democratic Senator Arlen Specter wants you to donate to his re-election campaign in 2010 because as his website Specterforthecure.com states,

Without Arlen Specter back in the Senate to see it through, Specter for the Cure could be lost to the ordinary politics of Washington that kills real change.

You see, according to this website, the only way to insure that this legislation, gets passed and actually works as outlined is if Specter keeps his Senate seat. Notwithstanding the arrogance of this charge, it is pretty clear that this website takes a bill that has not been passed and makes it the theme to re-elect Specter.

The proposed bill starts off by saying:

To establish an independent Cures Acceleration Network agency, to sponsor promising translational research to bridge the gap between laboratory discoveries and lifesaving therapies, to reauthorize the National Institutes of Health, and for other purposes.

Read the bill. Specter is proposing yet another government agency. That is how we will find cures? He proposes to re-authorize the NIH? As if it was going to be shut down? Please… given that the Specter campaign is already using this to raise money, one has to question the motives.

Yet another reason why, in my humble opinion, Arlen Specter should lose his Senate seat. -Glenn


One response to “Specter To Cure All

  1. You guys are gonna crack up over this pic… of “Can you hear me now?” Arlen Specter!!!

    and for once, Glenn… I do agree with you. Specter is a slime-ball, and should lose his job!!

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