Episode 36 – Cheney and Healthcare – What is the Cure?


Health care takes center stage this episode with Glenn and Jeff calling Sen. Specter’s “Cures Acceleration Network (CAN) Act Turning Research into Cures” the most disingenuous political fundraising solicitation they have ever seen. They then take to task the healthcare executives who met with President Obama yesterday about healthcare reform — some of the very same executives who spent $20 million in the 1990s to kill health care reform. These executives offered to save $2 trillion over 10 years as a way of showing that we don’t need health care reform. The savings would come from, “administrative simplification,” and would be offered up voluntarily — not through the enforcement of regulation.  They wonder why these savings couldn’t be found during the Bush Administration when health care reform was not a priority, and what “administrative simplification” really means –cuts in benefits? Cuts in their own compensation? Finally, they take on Dick Cheney for taking on Colin Powell. They wonder if the Republican Party has room for someone like Colin Powell and former Congressman Christopher Shays?  Or is Dick Cheney the future of the Republican Party?  Always entertaining and informative: it’s politics and policy brought to Main Street by two experts in Washington and Wall Street. It’s PoliTalk — your Weekly Political Podcast.

Listen to the current installment of PoliTalk and get yourself informed, inspired, entertained and ready for the day… spread the word… tell two friends, and so on and so on…

You can get the PoliTalk Podcast from Podcast.com and iTunes.


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