FBI Interrogator who Questioned al-Quida, Questions Torture Methods

We at PoliTalk always strive to expose our biases and understand information for what it is. As a part of your discovery of how we as a nation should be getting information out of detainees, consider the views of Ali Soufan, a former FBI interrogator who questioned members of al-Quida.

In his sworn testimony today, he said his non-threatening interrogation yielded critical information which, it appears, did prevent other attacks. When CIA contractors came in and forced him out and began using new so-called enhanced interrogation techniques, the information flow stopped. Read more about Soufan’s testimony here.

It’s sad when those like Soufan, literally on the front lines, are pushed aside by a overly-aggressive administration and not allowed to do their job as they see fit. Wait, what’s that? No comment from Dick Cheney on this story today? Well, Mr. Vice President, you’ve been out there every other day. Why don’t you go after Mr. Soufan the way you’ve gone after President Obama? You can’t because there’s one small, tiny, little itty bitty thing in your way: the truth.

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