Mancow Gets Water Boarded – Claims It Is Torture

Conservative radio personality Erich “Mancow” Muller submitted himself to water boarding. A frequent guest on FOX News, Muller lasted 6 seconds before he stopped it. He claims that to him, water boarding IS torture and it IS drowning.  Any questions?


One response to “Mancow Gets Water Boarded – Claims It Is Torture

  1. radicalrationalist

    I really hope this reversal will help advance the debate on this issue. It bothers me that part of the debate seems to be focusing on whether or not it’s torture, rather than whether or not those responsible should be held accountable. The Constitution and international law demand that those who designed and implemented these policies be the target of criminal investigations, but even if we set aside international law, ff I, a regular citizen of this country, stumbled upon a man I suspected of being a terrorist, and I took him captive, wrapped a towel around his neck and slammed his body into a wall, again and again and again, and if I stuffed his mouth with a towel, and ran water over his face to make him believe he was drowning, would I be immune from the criminal code? Certainly not. And yet the harshest punishment that these men seem likely to incur is to be forced to tell the truth. Well, the truth is already out there. All they’re going to do is confirm it one more time. Truth commissions are for countries so ravaged by conflict that they lack a functioning judicial system. Last I checked, our courts are alive and well and more than capable of trying men like Cheney, Bybee, Yoo and all those who carried out the policies they pieced together.

    The fact that the President has remained firm in his conviction that criminal prosecutions should not be in the cards is one reason I’m trying to get support for my A Friendly Reminder campaign ( Our elected officials need to be shown that the Constitution that they swore to uphold demands that these officials be placed at the mercy of the federal court system.

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