Colin Powell Responds to Dick Cheney on Face The Nation

The Republican Party needs more members like Colin Powell.


One response to “Colin Powell Responds to Dick Cheney on Face The Nation

  1. radicalrationalist

    The Powell-Cheney conflict (and all its ancillaries, like Crist vs. the far Right) are simply more evidence that the Republicans need a leader to show up quick. They are on track to experience even more drastic losses in 2010 with no one to step up in a Presidential campaign that, if history is any guide, will start about a month after the 2010 results are in.

    Depending on how things play out (mostly how long the leadership of the Democratic Party can hold together a quickly-growing coalition) it’s a possibility that the Libertairan Party and the Republican Party will swap places in the American two-party system. That may seem far-fetched, but if you extrapolate what’s happening now into the future, that is a distinct possibility. There are others, of course. I outlined them here:

    I’m a firm supporter of the two-party system. Democracy functions best when there is a vibrant opposition and even though I disagree with them on almost every level, I think the presence of a formidable Republican Party is vital to our system. Someone needs to step up. Whether it’s Mark McKinnon or Charlie Crist or someone that hasn’t yet appeared on the radar, someone needs to step up.

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