Michael Moore on GM

For all of my good friends on the Left, I submit to you the words of Michael Moore in the context of what to do now that GM is in Bankruptcy and the Federal Government is now the largest shareholder.

My point is, why not spend the money—I mean, this is our taxpayer dollars.  The first priority I would want done with my tax dollars is to preserve those jobs—because if you throw them out of work, we end up paying for that anyways, whether it‘s unemployment or welfare or all the social problems that will occur when people become poor.  That will be a cost down the road. So, why not just spend that $30 billion right now?  Keep those people employed.  And then do like Franklin Roosevelt and say, “You know, next month, I want you to stop building cars and I want you to start building this.”  And that‘s what happened here in Flint at the beginning of World War II. My questions to Michael Moore are:

  • Let’s say we spend the $30 billion to keep everyone employed building cars that nobody is buying… then what?
  • Does our government now decide what is built at GM?
  • Does our government convert this to a train manufacturing plant and if so who will but the train?
  • Where will the innovation come from?
  • Do we think a centralized government board will build a better anything over a competing marketplace?

Last time I checked, a centralized market system was called communism.

The reason why GM failed and is in bankruptcy is because it could not compete. The market (the Amercan People and the rest of the World) have decided that they will not buy GM products in large enough volume to support the company. Do we really think the Government can do this better? I think not. Maybe you should focus your next movie on asking the American People what kind of cars they would buy and what it would take for them to buy that car. Maybe then, GM might have a chance to survive by building what the Market demands. – Glenn


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