The Wisdom of Howard Dean: The Need for Real Health Care Reform

Listen to this enlightening discussion between Dr. Howard Dean, former DNC Chair and Vt. Gov. and Montel Williams of Air America on the need for a “public” option in the so-called health care “reform.” Dr. Dean also explains what is really needed in health care policy to correct the systemic problems we face. I’m not sure what constitutes systemic reform when we’re talking about, in essence, tweaking the current system and preserving the profits of the insurance companies.


One response to “The Wisdom of Howard Dean: The Need for Real Health Care Reform

  1. Hi Glenn and Jeff,
    One comment on McCain’s interview about health care. It is not true that a public health care plan will crowd out private insurance. How do I know this? In Germany we have both, public and private medical insurance. Depending on your income and needs you can choose either. I have lived here for 11 years and have been privately insured the entire time so his comment just does not hold water. Second, perhaps having 1,300 private insurance companies, as he boasts, is part of the problem. More does not always mean better. Look at the size of 67% of Americans for example. Which brings me to my last point. Try being less politically correct and think about the better for the future of the masses. The less healthy your life style the more your personal medical insurance costs. So America, in your quest for change try leaving the old guards control factor called fear behind and step out and take a risk. You may find there is a better way!

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