Don’t Forget the Deficit…

I am a progressive. I want a leaner, more efficient, more effective progressive government. My liberal tendencies don’t preclude me from being a traditional Yankee — and fiscally conservative at that, despite the “progressive” label and popular beliefs. As we have discussed on our show, I’m also a huge proponent of health care reform. But the thing I fear the most right now is that our deficit is growing out of control and nobody is really focusing on it. Sure, there’s talk about it, but there isn’t action yet in the form of legislation. The best article I’ve read on this? From the Brookings Institution. Yeah, that’s right, the so-called liberal Brookings Institution. Here it is, and kudos to them. Everyone should read this article, which is why I’m posting it on the site. — Jeff

4 responses to “Don’t Forget the Deficit…

  1. I wish you guys would explain what you mean by leaner government. Yeah, you suggest this on every episode. Obviously all of us want government to be smaller, but how can that be accomplished? Some specifics would be nice. What do you suggest cutting? Everybody has ideas, but how many are really feasible? A smaller bureaucracy would be nice, but these people do jobs. Unless you suggest getting rid of entire institutions, such as the IRS (wouldn’t that be nice!) making real “leaner” government is pretty much impossible. It’s like the leaner GM0 growth is automatic, no matter the consequences. And also, as you guys point out so often, once government has a hand in something, it’s hard to get that hand out. So yeah, specifics would really be nice.

  2. Hi Ross,

    If you are going to make a statement like, “I wish you guys would explain what you mean by leaner government. Yeah, you suggest this on every episode”, at least listen to our shows. You would find that your statement is not accurate.

    I won’t speak on behalf of Jeff who wrote the post, but if you listen to me on the show, you will hear me talk not about a leaner government, but that we need an efficient and effective government.

    Despite what people on the left or right say, government is here to stay. It pays for infrastructure, education, defense, research and the list goes on. The problem I have with both sides is that neither seems to have a commitment to making government efficient. We seem to be either trying to dismantle or grow government depending on who is in the White House.

    But, if you want an example of leaner government, you would have heard me give this example on a few shows… corn subsidies. Let’s abolish them. We artificially reduce the price of a major corn derivative… corn syrup. Basically our tax dollars subsidize fast food and candy. This has a negative impact on health care costs for us all as it increases incidents of diabetes and heart illnesses… and we subsidize this behavior. This is just one example of making government leaner… now how about you. What would you trim?

  3. I apologize. The way that I said that was a little rude. However, I do listen to your shows every week. And I’ve gotten the feeling that however you may say it, whether it be leaner, efficient, effective, or whatever, they’re all just buzzwords. Just IMHO

    • Got it. Thanks for clarifying. I’ll be more present to this. Keep us on our toes if we don’t call out examples. Thanks for listening!

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