Happy Birther Day, President Obama – Obama’s Birth Certificate(s)

Poor guy. It’s not enough to have another birthday (when you get older, you kind of stop counting the years). But as a special birthday celebration, the conspiracy-laden nuts of the Republican Right continue to generate unwarranted controversy over President Obama’s status as a citizen of the United States. We’ve resisted going into it on our show because the claim is so ludicrous, but we thought their latest attempt — creating a fake birth certificate — speaks volumes about their desperation. Fact: the Republic of Kenya didn’t exist at the time this birth certificate was supposedly created. Fact: the Registrar on the forged birth certificate is not a real person. Fact: President Obama’s birth announcement was placed in two local papers in 1961 — something that cannot be forged in 2009 — and his birth certificate was certified as real, to the extent that any of ours can be, by the registrar in Hawaii, a U.S. State. To call President Obama illegitimate is to levy that charge against us all, and it is an affront to our sensibilities and to human decency. Have you not enough issues with the President’s public agenda that you have to resort to baseless personal attacks against him that call on the worst of humanity? ¬†Take a look at the documents and make your own decision.


One response to “Happy Birther Day, President Obama – Obama’s Birth Certificate(s)

  1. Don’t be silly. Conspiracy nuts aren’t put off by simple things like facts.

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