is a Breath of Fresh Air


We at PoliTalk try to go beyond the typical left/right talking points and name calling that you find on many political discussion shows. When we find like minded people or information resources, we like to share them with our listeners. Today, we’d like to bring your attention to Debatepedia. It is a great web site that presents the different sides of a debate and provides information and resources that really helps the discerning political knowledge seeker find information. Information is presented without the one-sided filer that you get in many media outlets. Here is how they describe themselves:

Debatepedia is a wiki encyclopedia of debates, arguments, and supporting quotations. Its mission is to become “the Wikipedia of debates”. It is a place where we can all work together as editors, via the same wiki technology driving Wikipedia, to frame the arguments in public debates that we all need to think through.

These are debates in our neighborhoods, cities, states and provinces, nations, and in an increasingly interconnected world. These are debates that we care deeply about because they matter to our lives, our neighbor’s lives, and the lives of our children and the societies they inherit. Some of these debates are relevant to whether people live or die in wars or in our own societies. We need to take these debates seriously, and approach them with a fiercely critical eye. We need to fully weigh every pro and con within them, fully deliberate, take rational positions, and take action with conviction in our beliefs. Don’t be complacent in your beliefs! Understand why you believe what you do and be ready to defend yourself. Debatepedia helps you do this. It helps you frame all the arguments and all the scholarly quotes in debates you care about in a simple pro/con “logic tree” structure so that you can fully deliberate, take a stand, take action, and defend yourself.

Jeff and I had the pleasure of meeting Brooks Lindsay, the co-founder of Debatepedia during our last trip to Washington DC. We have been linking to the site ever since and are pleased to spread the word about this site. Check out their debate on healthcare reform. It is a great resource. Kudos to Brooks and team for creating such a great site!



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