Senator Ted Kennedy Dies at 77

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, the last surviving brother of former President John F. Kennedy, died Tuesday night at his home on Cape Cod. He was diagnosed with brain cancer earler in the year. He was 77.

According to Massachusetts state law, the state will need to hold a special election to fill his Senate seat.

Video on the Kennedy legacy (from


One response to “Senator Ted Kennedy Dies at 77

  1. I can’t say I had ever voted for him but I always appreciated his fight for the underdog.

    That said, it occurred to me that the largest transfer of wealth in the history of this country is underway largely because of what happened under the Republicans watch – not the Democrats. Yep this mortgage fiasco has caused many innocent homeowners to lose 50% of their value (and likely net worth) while lower income individuals are now swooping in to buy those same properties.

    Ponder that if you will.

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