Episode 55 – Politics of Afghanistan, Health Care Reform and Las Vegas Room Rates


Following up on last week’s in-depth discussion of Afghanistan, the PoliTalk boys turn their sights back home to talk about the political implications of what’s happening over there. They wonder what our end game is, and how various options will play politically back home. Moving to discuss the politics of another hot button issue, they explain how room rates at Las Vegas hotels are tied to the fate of health care reform.  They also explain why they are on a crusade to counter the hate-filled sensational bombastic rhetoric found on most political talk shows, and encourage their listeners to invest in and help re-brand the nature of political discourse. Always entertaining and informative, it’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

Join us in Boston on November 10, 2009! Register now, visit http://nationaldebateseries.com

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2 responses to “Episode 55 – Politics of Afghanistan, Health Care Reform and Las Vegas Room Rates

  1. Just wanted to leet you guys know that I do take you to bed, along with all of the other podcasts that I listen to before I go to sleep. LOL But I don’t wear footy pajamas.

    • Thank you, Ross. I’m glad to know you are listening. A friend of mine said listening to me speak cured his insomnia… Glad to know we’re not starting a new trend in wearing footy pj’s —

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