Fascinating View on Health Care by Ron Paul

Whatever side you are on, you have to appreciate Congressman Ron Paul for putting a serious, credible Libertarian view on health care and the war in Afghanistan.  Republicans should learn from him rather than isolating him and his ideas. His perspective on “Corporatism” vs. Capitalism is very powerful. Check out the video above. It is worth the 10 minute investment. Oh, and a special note to Larry King… you don’t thank a sitting Congressman for being on your show by saying “Thanks Ron”.



5 responses to “Fascinating View on Health Care by Ron Paul

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Ron Paul speak and not agreed with most of what he said. Yes he’s pretty extreme on some things, but his stance on Healtchare is about as common sense as it gets.

    I have had the same conversation first hand with several doctors in the past 6 months over the “myth” of the uninsured.

    The system that is completely broken is the pseudo government subsidized, govt regulated, health insurance system. Different from the Healthcare system, but is effectively a parasite sucking dry the healthcare’s systems ability to deliver effective care.

    I am a capitalist, I am for companies making profit, but the current system stacks the deck in everyway in favor of the insuruers and takes any elements of the free market out of the equation. Brilliant calling it corporatism.

    Who would have thought that Ron Paul and Micheal Moore had lots in common. They could be strange bed-fellows if they decided to join forces.

    Tort reform
    Cross State Competition
    Preventative Care

    Pass incremental changes every year, and track the impact each year.

    Create an environment where the current insurers can be put out of business through market competition. Not from the govt, but from other “for profit” entities.

    How about letting Hospital Networks offer their own insurance plans locals can buy instead of the big HMO’s

    If this bill or something like it passes the senate, it cannot be taken back. Its an entitlment, and it will bankrupt this country, not metaphorically, but literally.

    I am not against Healthcare reform. I am for it. I’m against bankrupting the country trying to solve the wrong problem.

  2. Mr. Paul is incorrect about being turned away without money/insurance. He is only addressing crisis intervention medicine. You WILL get turned away if you have no money or insurance and you’d like to get, for example, a cancer screening before you display symptoms.

    A society has responsibilities to its members even if many of those individual members are only concerned with themselves. That’s why even Paul agrees with crisis intervention. (Incidentally, those individuals that disagree even with this should not receive police or fire protection, education, access to public roadways, or any other services provided by the society.) Turning our backs on people until a crisis arrives is corrosive to our society, and heaps financial burdens on the state at the same time. It’s ethically and fiscally irresponsible.

    Always be skeptical of anybody who has a “simple” solution to complex problems.

    Ron Paul’s reductionism is nuts in a modern society.

  3. 1. “the “myth” of the uninsured”…Bankruptcy from medical bills is no “myth”. This is a national stability issue, we are all in this together and having a weak dollar because we consume too much is bad for everyone. This is not just a moral issue but an economic investment in America just like any school or road. Happy, healthy people are more productive.

    2. Malpractice costs make up a minuscule cost, please look at the numbers: http://www.justice.org/cps/rde/xchg/justice/hs.xsl/8686.htm

    Medical malpractice costs need reform but they are far from a big issue. For the insurers, this is just another way insurance companies have been able to put the squeeze on another demographic, doctors. Most claims are dismissed outright (rates go up anyway) and legitimate malpractice cases where people are being hurt demand serious attention and thats exactly why malpractice insurance is worth every penny.

    3. Laissez Faire Capitalism doesn’t work any better than Communism, Ron Paul is an economic fundamentalist no different from Michael Moore. The repeal of Glass–Steagall is proof enough of that. Not convinced? Ask an economist, lets say Greenspan known for his support of financial deregulation.


    Greenspan now admits he was wrong hopping from bubble to bubble providing America with 40 years of failed policy. The truth is somewhere in the middle as one would expect.

    Not too hot, not too cold, just right.

  4. Greenspan got into Laissez-Faire back 40+ years ago. He was only chairman for 18 years like the link says. =)

  5. Larry King has no idea what Ron Paul is talking about.

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