Where’s Ross Perot When We Need Him?

What happened this past Tuesday night might cause a massive shift in the political landscape over the next five years. It could also be the catalyst for something that is much needed in American Politics today. But it’s not what you think.

You will hear in the coming days and weeks that the Republican victories were a vote against Obama. That this was a referendum against a far left agenda. That the Republican Party is back with a vengeance, and the Democrats have much to fear in terms of next years congressional elections, as they ponder how to vote on a sweeping program inclusive of government run Healthcare.

For the Democratic side, you will hear spin and back peddling. You will be confused as to why if you logged onto CNN.com yesterday AM, you only saw a single line about the elections on the front page. But you saw a lead article explaining why “the change we need” is taking so long.

And this is all true. But there is a greater truth, a greater opportunity.

Last night while watching election coverage on FOX, I saw that FOX convened a voter focus group in Virginia. Granted, most of the folks who are going to show up are probably conservatives, but there seemed to be a good mix of Democrats and Independents as well judging from the dialogue.

The commentator asked a really interesting question, I will paraphrase because I don’t recall his exact words. “Who is just angry at our government?” Three fourths of the hands in the room shot up as if they had just been offered free money to whoever raised their hand first.

Then the commentator asked, “Of those who are angry, who voted for Bob McDonnell?”. Every single person who claimed to be angry – voted for the Republican McDonnell.

The anger in America has shifted. The anger and protest that elected a Democratic President, has moved in favor of the Republicans. A protest vote against government is now a Republican vote.

Now let’s do the heavy lifting and thinking. Is this really a swing to the Republican Party?

No its not. It is however validation that government, as it currently exists, is not working for the American people. It is a referendum in favor of a third party, and against both parties. If the anger can shift so fundamentally, in 12 months, against an incredibly likeable President, then it means far more than a shift in political party momentum. It means its time for a viable third choice.

Let Election Day 2009 be the day the Americans collectively said “We’re mad as Hell, and we are not going to take it anymore”

We need change, and not the change that either party can provide.

What do you think?

Guest Blogger – Jeff Hine



One response to “Where’s Ross Perot When We Need Him?

  1. Your right the system is fundamentally flawed. To make things worse most people have the opinion of politics neatly summed up as “If you swim in dirty water you’re bound to get dirty”. To some extent I think they may be right.

    So what can a 3rd party candidate do? He has no loyalty or ability to rally the troops. The Senate and House are still full of D/R. It is one thing to elect a president and another thing to replace hundreds of experienced public officials.

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