Sadly, This is Why We Exist…

The following words speak for themselves. So that you can understand my bias, I am a so-called Progressive, and I don’t enjoy Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson.  Two of my closest friends are conservative Republicans — one worked for Cheney, the other Dole. I believe with every fiber of my being in the power of ideas, an no one person or party has a monopoly on the best ones.  Let us present our ideas, have a constructive, respectful argument, and let the best ideas win. The reason I’m close to my friends is because we’re people first — albeit our love of politics and policy is an important part of us — but there is so much more that I like about my Republican friends than their misguided politics! (and vice versa I’m sure). The sewer of hate that follows literally made me feel sick, especially in light of the unyielding pain and suffering that is going on now in Haiti. Glenn and I do our show, in the vein of The Great Guys from Car Talk, because we believe there’s a way for all of us to become more informed and engaged while also having a good laugh — at ourselves, and pretty much everyone else. I’d like nothing more than for political discussion to evolve so much that it puts me out of business. I look forward to that day. Until then, right now, Rush Limbaugh should be fired.  — Jeff Kimball

Rush Limbaugh on Haiti Earthquake

Pat Robertson on Haiti’s Deal with the Devil



3 responses to “Sadly, This is Why We Exist…

  1. Thanks for posting those video clips. I just casually heard about those comments but didn’t have the chance to delve into the details.

    Rush is just a disingenuous provocateur (for ratings). Never liked the whole apology business with certain Republicans figures – Made the party look ridiculous. Maybe this time he has been so clumsy that he finally discredited himself.

    Forgot about how Pat can wander into really wacky directions (I am not a 700 Club regular). Surprised he didn’t bring up AIDs and voodoo and what not. Loved the “Napoleon the III or whoever.”

    The “turn to God” appeal sounded like someone saying Tiger should become a Christian instead of staying with Buddhism because of his difficulties.

  2. Pat needs to do some research. Does he not know that the majority of Hatians are Roman Catholic? Does that mean that God abandoned his flock to allow the Devil to do this? Does it mean Roman Catholics are not “real” Christians?

    This kind of “religious spin justification” does a disservice to all religions. I’d like to see more religious leaders, particularly the Christian Right leaders, be vocal on their disgust of Pat Robertson’s statements.

  3. It’s difficult to even put together credible commentary on this. It could be confused with an SNL skit. Except for the fact that it really is Pat Robertson, and it really did come out of his mouth.

    Perhaps this is part of the Devils plot? Not only to seek wrath on Haiti, but to take over Pat Robertson’s body and speak through him.

    I’ll stop myself now before someone mis-interprets this as being disrespectful to the horrible tragedy in Haiti – but its time Pat Robertson goes and sits on the beach somewhere.

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