Dems Running Scared on Mass Senate Race

As if the Democrats did not have too much to worry about with a weak 60 votes in the Senate, Massachusetts may be delivering the final blow to any further passage of the Healthcare bill by electing a Republican Senator… the first in a very long time. The President is even concerned about this. In the waning days of the election, President Obama gave the okay for his campaign machine to support the embattled Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley in what may be too little too late. Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown’s poll numbers have surged in the past few weeks and momentum is on his side.

In a hope to rally the Obama organizing machine, Obama’s political organization, Organizing for America has already tapped its massive technology assets to blast text messages to cell phones of their legions.

Here are the two messages sent so far:

Sent on January 14, 2010 – Help Obama elect Martha Coakley. Reply MC to volunteer, or visit -Organizing for America
Sent on January 15, 2010 – Scott Brown would put big banks first–we must speak out. Join other concerned Bostonians at a rally on the corner of Cambridge St & New Sudbury St at 5pm today

Will the Obama machine make it in time to save the day? Time will tell. However, the last time the Obama machine stepped in to help a failing Georgia Senate Race, it was too little, too late. It’s funny how history has a way of repeating itself.


One response to “Dems Running Scared on Mass Senate Race

  1. A question for our hosts. I thought I heard that after the combined bill comes out of the committee, that it only takes a simple majority to pass the senate. Doesn’t that mean 51 votes? Does it really matter if Scott Brown wins?

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