Episode 66 – The State of Obama

Listen to this episode before you think about watching the President’s State of the Union address. Glenn and Jeff will tell you everything you need to know about this speech before it’s given. They also explain why you should consider reading the full text of the speech the next day, and spend your time hanging out with friends or family instead of watching it. That’s certainly not what you’re going to hear on every other political show! You don’t need someone to “spin” you and tell you what you heard, how great it was, or how bad it was. If you’re unemployed or struggling to make ends meet, you’re more interested in what is done, not just what is said, and that can only be realized in the coming days and months. So read the speech…listen to PoliTalk and help us hold them accountable, and then watch what Congress and the President do to make the rhetoric a reality. Always entertaining and informative, it’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

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One response to “Episode 66 – The State of Obama

  1. Great show…

    Could not agree more with the whole angle of Prime Minister vs. President. I will go read both pieces.

    It has felt like Obama has been a “hands off” President, letting the Congress do the heavy lifting while his team handles the messaging air cover.

    The problem has been that the message has not been very good, and the stuff congress is doing; nobody wants. Kind of a double whammy.

    While the messaging has to change, it’s more important for the President to live up to his rhetoric.

    Mr. President – please go through the budget line-by-line and cut pork. Like you have been promising. Guide this misguided congress! I think you’ll find you will accomplish more with a hands-on approach, engaging the minority party, than letting the democrats stumble around like liberal kids in a socialist candy shop!

    A prediction – If the Democrats fend off the Republican push in the mid-term elections, then Obama will be a 1-term President.

    If the Republicans win a majority in the House or Senate, or if enough Independents take office, so that a Republican/Independent coalition takes the majority, then Obama will be a 2-term President.

    As liberal as his core policies are, he’s a pragmatist. He would accomplish more in a second term; just a Reagan did, with a Congress run by the other party.

    With a Republican Congress, Obama could turn out to be one of our great Presidents.

    Think about that!

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