The Senate’s Waterloo

Senator Jim Demint was quoted in 2009 as saying that the healthcare will be the President’s Waterloo. This reference was to the historical defeat at Waterloo that put an end to Napoleon’s rule as Emperor of the French. Well, he may have been right if the Senate did not overplay its hand. About two hours ago, the Associated Press reported on what I believe to be the Senate’s potential Waterloo. The article stated:

The Senate Tuesday rejected a plan backed by President Barack Obama to create a bipartisan task force to tackle the federal deficit this year despite glaring new figures showing the enormity of the red-ink threat.

The special deficit panel would have attempted to produce a plan combining tax cuts and spending curbs that would have been voted on after the midterm elections. The measure went down because anti-tax Republicans joined with Democrats who were wary of being railroaded into cutting Social Security and Medicare.

With Congressional public approval hovering in the teens, the President would do well by taking the bipartisan task force and hitting the Senate over the head with it until they submit. Even Republican co-sponsor of the plan Senator Judd Gregg voiced his disdain for the defeat:

Yet another indication that Congress is more concerned with the next election than the next generation.

Congress has been punch drunk on spending to excess over the past nine years. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. Both sides are party to the spending frenzy. At a time when some level of spending curtailment and reform is paramount to this country’s financial survival, the Senate balks.

The President would do well to use this issue and attack an institution that has approval ratings far lower than his own. If the President does not stand up to the Senate on this issue, he clearly lacks the leadership necessary to bring about real “change” to this country.



One response to “The Senate’s Waterloo

  1. How can this Senate deny the American people an honest bi-partisan look at how our money is being spent? I for one am not scared of what potential recommendations for tax increases might be floated.

    There will be such outrage at the results of a study like this that Congress will not be allowed to raise taxes, only reduce spending. Public outcry would be too great.

    While I commend the President for his proposing a spending freeze. It’s sort of a joke really since he raised the budget of the Dept of Ed by 177%, Transportation by 88%, EPA 127%, and Labor 109%.

    What we should really be doing is rolling back spending on these agencies by 40-50%, to get them back to what we spent last year, then implement additional spending freezes or reductions.

    Defense should not be excluded. Yes we are fighting 2 wars but I’m sure there is tons of waste to be cut in defense.

    We need something like the Grace Commission from the Reagan years to shed a light on how the government spends our money.

    I applaud the President if he forces this issue and makes the Senate support this idea!

    Pay attention America – every dime that gets spent comes out of your pocket!

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