Episode 67 – Everything You Wanted to Know About the Budget, but Were Afraid to Ask

No need to read the budget — we read it for you. Yes, it is possible  to laugh and be entertained as you learn everything you need to know about the President’s budget and the process in Congress. Glenn and Jeff first explain how you should think about the budget — what its purpose is and how the Obama budget is different than the Bush budget.  Then they explain the context for the budget — where the debt stands, what the deficit is and why we have it, and what it means to you —  how much money you personally owe. They also explain how the President re-prioritized the budget. Did you know that he calls for the Department of Education to get a 55% raise? Or that he wants to spend more money on research than ever before? Did you know that if we cut every dime of discretionary spending, we would still have a deficit? Jeff and Glenn explain why the single most important thing that we need to do in budgeting — that nobody is willing to do (the President or Congress) is serious entitlement reform, including real health care reform. It’s the budget explained, and it’s fun. Finally, they call on their listeners to petition Phil Griffin at MSNBC to give the guys from PoliTalk their own show. Won’t that be refreshing! Always informative and entertaining, it’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

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One response to “Episode 67 – Everything You Wanted to Know About the Budget, but Were Afraid to Ask

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