Episode 69 – Omission of Commissions

In this episode, Jeff and Glenn don’t kick their responsibilities to the curb — they dive right into controversial issues, like the formation of a deficit reduction commission, the far-right primaries against center-right candidates: Rubio vs. Crist in Florida, Hayworth vs. McCain in Arizona. They explain how all this ties together with Sen. Bayh’s retirement, and what it means to the respective parties. They also dive into the emergence of Las Vegas as the political epicenter of the 2010 elections. Other shows boost their ratings by tearing people down, they consider divisive inflamatory rants a placeholder for discussion.  We seek to inspire and inform. At PoliTalk you get a refreshingly fun, informative look at issues, not the usual polarizing political rhetoric.

PoliTalk: Best Friends. Vast Experience. Political Discussion without the Fighting…and lots of laughs

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One response to “Episode 69 – Omission of Commissions

  1. Good show guys, I will have to say that Jeff you brought up some good points about how allot of these politicians just do things to get elected…instead of looking out for the country.

    Thats why I am surprised at your view that the government can do things better then private corporations. You have mentioned the health care issue quite a bit, I can tell you I agree with the concept… it would be perfect if everyone could get health care and have not worries. But reality…thats just not possible!

    Before I even try to talk out the points with you, can you answer me on one subject.

    Medicare….thats it medicare.

    That is a government run health care isnt it? Does that system balance out yearly or does it run us to the ground in debt? Does it or has it ever cut benefits? And let me add a panel of people look at the budget of medicare and decide what they can do and can not…..so when Sarah Palin says “Death Panels” this is what she is reffering too….I don’t agree with the name she gave it but the concept is already there so maybe she is not so crazy ?

    If you could reserach medicare and really sell how good it does…how it always runs on budget and never cuts benefits I would be happy to entertain the thought of the Government running the whole health care….. bottom line they are not good at running health care now and its proven..no more power to this government it has WAY to much now.

    Keep up the good work …look foward to your show maybe one time you guys can have me on and we can talk about real government reform it would be fun!

    Last shot 🙂 curling??? I hear what your saying Jeff…it does look fun..I would love to grab a beer with you and curl away!!

    Mike “from Michigan”

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