Episode 71 – I Object: Sen. Bunning vs. The Senate

Confused by what’s really going on in the Senate as Sen. Bunning objects to funding unemployment benefits, payments to physicians through Medicare and certain highway construction projects? Well, Jeff and Glenn explain what’s really going on, and what the ramifications are, both politically and from a policy perspective. They’re in a firing mood this week, calling not only on Sen. Bunning to stop grandstanding, but also on NY Gov. Patterson to step down and NY Congressman Charlie Rangel to relinquish his Chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee due to violations of the House ethics rules. They also have a completely new idea about why President Obama’s team is struggling, and explain how that relates to the upcoming health care reform vote. Everything you needed to know about Washington politics, you’ll find here in this convenient, fun episode. PoliTalk: Best Friends. Vast Experience. Intelligent political discussion without the fighting…and with some laughs.  A refreshingly fun, informative look at politics. It’s PoliTalk, your weekly political podcast.

PoliTalk: Best Friends. Vast Experience. Political Discussion without the Fighting…and lots of laughs

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3 responses to “Episode 71 – I Object: Sen. Bunning vs. The Senate

  1. I could not disagree more with you guys on the Bunning issue. I think you’ve really missed the story here.

    You guys could be right that this will be a watershed moment. But the watershed moment might be one that accelerates the tea party and independent movement, fueled by the “audacity of arrogance” that seems to pervade a congress who does not even appear to understand that they are spending money that is not theirs.

    The biggest political take-away from this – the Republicans are cowards. Throwing Bunning out there as the sacrificial lamb to do the right thing. Convenient that he is retiring.

    Jim Bunning – Evil hater of the unemployed. Thinks they’re lazy and don’t deserve unemployment benefits. Denier of medical care to the elderly and the unemployed. Single handedly caused 2000 Dept of Transportation workers to be put on furlough. User of profane gestures. He probably hates children and puppies too.

    That’s what we might believe today about Jim Bunning, if we believe the spin.

    Twenty years from now, might we be saying; if only there were others like Jim Bunning, our tax rate wouldn’t be at 65% for the middle class, and China would not have dumped our debt causing a 10 year depression, and we’d be able to pay for people’s retirement and healthcare.

    Jim Bunning is taking a stand that every member of congress should be embarrassed by not taking. He is opposing $10B in new spending on the principle that if we want to spend it, we have to figure out how to pay for it. He’s trying to remind congress and the American people that we are broke. Which is not a very convenient fact when you are trying to expand government.

    His message; Propose a revenue increase or spending cut to offset this expenditure and he will vote for it. Specifically he is negotiating for two votes back-to-back, one on a measure to fund the bill, and then another on the bill. He has publically supported the bill if it’s paid for.

    Good for Jim Bunning!

    What should it tell us about the state of affairs in Washington when a long time Senator like Jim Bunning has to engage in seemingly petty civil disobedience in order to bring sanity to the congress, or a centrist like Evan Bayh literally throws up his hands and gives up.

    We need more Jim Bunning’s, and we need to stop losing Evan Bayh’s

  2. I agree with jdhine on this one. Nobody wants to see people unemployed and suffer, but at some point you have to be able to pay for all of these programs and institute some responsibility into this process. I am a supporter of extending unemployment benefits, but only if we can pay for it and not add to the debt that our kids and grandkids will be burdened with.

  3. Thanks for the feedback!

    In principle, I’m okay with and agree with the PayGo concept. I’m just troubled with when and where Sen. Bunning makes his stand.

    1. He voted against the PayGo bill and now uses the concept as his justification.
    2. This is a rolling 30 day extension… why this month?

    One argument is “if now, when?”. This does hold some merit, but at a time when people are hurting and we can send aid to Haiti and Chile, it is my humble opinion that we do have to help our own fellow Americans who are in pain.

    I hate the way this is done, but I hate using this particular bill as the test case more. Once again, as in many elections, I have to pick from the lessor of two evils.

    What I would like to see is the debate that says how long should we extend benefits… is it unemployment rate? Is it just funding? Should this really be attached to the Transportation Bill?

    Keep the comments coming!

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