Episode 72 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Democrats consider a ban on earmarks. Sarah Palin admits that she went to Canada to get health care. Sen. Durbin considers forcing Republicans to actually physically fillibuster, rather than just announce their intentions to do so, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan talks policy, health care reform rests on the brink of passage, without a public option and likely through reconciliation, the White House goes off message, again, with stories about internal strife, President Obama focuses on jobs…health care…the economy…and future plans for NASA. Politicians carp about national security, scoring political points, while their remains no head of the TSA, thanks to Republican objections. Will the President’s new nominee fare well? Congressman Massa shows how to burn every bridge on his way out of Congress, RNC fundraising sinks to a new low, disparaging their own contributors and mocking the President of the United States. Reaching a new low, our Reactionary Lunatic of the Week Award goes to Liz Cheney, who so far has been rebuked by 19 members of her father’s administration over her comments disparaging Justice Department lawyers. Glenn and Jeff explain the Good, The Bad and The Ugly this week. It’s PoliTalk. A refreshingly fun, informative look at politics. It’s PoliTalk – your weekly political podcast featuring Jeff Kimball and Glenn Gaudet.

PoliTalk: Best Friends. Vast Experience. Political Discussion without the Fighting…and lots of laughs

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One response to “Episode 72 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. Maureen Williams

    You’re really going to start needing more than an hour if the government keeps giving you this kind of podcast-fodder!!!

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