Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Remember that game we played as kids called Hungry Hungry Hippos? You remember, it is the game where you have four people all pulling their own lever that has their plastic “Hippos” take as many marbles from the middle of the board for themselves. Well, apparently the folks in the Senate were really good at this game as kids and are even better at it now. Here are some of the marbles that the Senate Heath Care Bill contains according to the Associated Press:

  • $600 million over the next decade to Vermont in added federal payments for Medicaid and nearly as much to Massachusetts.
  • Connecticut would get $100 million to build a hospital
  • About 800,000 Florida seniors could keep certain Medicare benefits
  • Asbestos-disease victims in tiny Libby, Montana, would get help
  • Coal miners in West Virginia with black lung disease or their widows would get help
  • $300 million for Louisiana
  • $100 million in extra Medicaid money provided solely to Nebraska
  • Extra money for hospitals and doctors in North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming

It would be a nice change when the Congress can actually put a bill forth that doesn’t contain special “marbles” for individual states. Have the Democrats and Republicans figured out that this is bad PR? It is up to all of us to keep reminding them that this will have consequences.

– Glenn


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