Episode 74 – How Do We Fix Social Security?

Join us this week as we put Guest Blogger Jeff on the show via phone (Jeff Kimball is on vacation this week). Glenn & Jeff discuss all things Social Security. They talk about how it came into being, the financial burden that faces the country and one possible approach to fixing it. Warning, there is no sugar coating this problem. However, as with all PoliTalk episodes, we approach a dry issues like Social Security and make it fun and understandable to the masses.

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One response to “Episode 74 – How Do We Fix Social Security?

  1. Simple: Raise eligibility to 70 years of age, means test to a degree, raise the payroll tax, etc.

    Of course I thought it wrong to tax social security disbursements (like with unemployment, seems a weird situation of giving then taking again).

    Could also try to encourage growth of the younger working population segments (say with immigration – Favor people between 25 and 35 with specific credentials, education, skills, etc.)

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