Episode 75 – Fair Tax to the Rescue

A liberal supports the idea of a Fair Tax, Obama supports the idea of oil drilling off the east coast and in Alaska, and a Republican may actually support Cap & Trade legislation. It’s a week where politics gets twisted around — where cat people and dog people may actually get together!  A significant portion of the show is spent discussing an idea proposed by a caller who supports the “Fair Tax.” Our resident experts take on the tax system, but explain why politics, money and power stand in the way of any meaningful reform. They also talk about the politics of President Obama’s proposal to open up oil drilling in waters off the East Coast and in Alaska. Jeff, upset by this announcement, foreshadows potential trouble with those in the Progressive movement who already lost out on the public option in health care reform and may now lose out when it comes to meaningful environmental legislation. Will the Progressives stay home in  November, or will the chance to have any kind of environmental legislation bring them out to vote in the fall?  Glenn explains why the drilling is a good idea and may actually engender true bipartisan support — the key being South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham. They close the show by highlighting a few key Senate races — in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Arizona. They both break with the conventional wisdom and explain why Sarah Palin’s presence at John McCain’s rally was a complete disaster.

PoliTalk: Best Friends. Vast Political Experience. Refreshing political discussion…without the fighting…and with a few laughs. Hosted by Glenn Gaudet and Jeff Kimball.

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3 responses to “Episode 75 – Fair Tax to the Rescue

  1. Michael Forrest

    If there is any country in the world that is willing and able to drill responsibly, it has to be the United States. I don’t follow why ecologically-minded people seem to prefer that backwards countries who don’t care a whit about the ecology should do all the drilling. Are they concerned about the global ecology, or just the United States? Is it really even possible to totally section off the world anymore, or is that idea akin to the old “smoking sections” in restaurants – as if the smoke suddenly stopped at an imaginary line.

    I admit I may be missing something. But that’s just off the top of my head.

  2. I think a fair tax, or a VAT tax on consumption is a great idea. Since most taxes are paid by “the rich”, and nearly 50% of Americans pay no taxes. It seems a much better way to spread the responsibility and still have those who consume more, who are generally wealthy, bear a higher burden.

    Phase in a VAT or Fair Tax over 10 years as we sunset the IRS. Great article from CNBC about how nearly half of America does not pay a dime for the benefits they receive.


  3. Since studying the area of taxation the Fair Tax benefits BOTH businesses and consumers.
    It will grow the economy.

    The current income tax system actually does not work very well.
    It is paper intensive, complicated and mind numbing.

    If the income tax system actually worked then you would not be constantly hearing about the tax gap.

    Because the income tax system has its problems, the current administration has to come up with all these additional tax systems (value added tax, financial transaction tax, cap and trade energy tax, etc.) to make up for the deficiencies of the current income tax system.

    The Fair Tax solves most of these problems and needs to replace the income tax as soon as possible.

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