The Great Brown Hope

Much to my surprise, I woke to find that Senator Scott Brown is… wait for it… just another politician. According the the Boston Globe:

Senator Scott Brown says he will fight to fund a multibillion-dollar weapons program that could generate jobs in Massachusetts but that the Pentagon insists it does not need, sparking criticism that Brown is breaking his campaign vow to rein in wasteful spending.

Why is it that when wasteful spending takes place in one’s own state, that it is no longer wasteful spending? If the Pentagon says, we don’t need something, but certain members of Congress say we do, who shall we believe? William J. Lynn, the deputy secretary of defense, told Congress:

“We have reached a critical point in this debate where spending more money on a second engine for the [F-35] is unnecessary, wasteful, and simply diverts precious modernization funds from more pressing [military] priorities.’’

So much for fiscal responsibility…



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