Rock, Hard Place, Meet Former Governor Romney

Remember the slight problem former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney had when he ran for President in 2008? He made John Kerry look good with the “I voted for it before I voted against it” approach to legislation. What is it with Massachusetts politicians? Well, I digress. Now former Governor Romney has spent the better part of last year railing against “ObamaCare”.  The libertarian think tank, the CATO Institute, called him on this:

Mitt Romney decries the excesses of ObamaCare, yet refuses to admit that the plan he championed in Massachusetts provided Obama with a model. In key areas, the two plans are essentially identical.

This should make for some good fodder in 2012.



3 responses to “Rock, Hard Place, Meet Former Governor Romney

  1. Michael Forrest

    Glass house, anyone? I live in Mass. and that was the first thing I thought of. How can this man criticize Obama’s plan? They have much in common!

    And you know what, our health care costs have skyrocketed under Mitt’s “great plan.” We have the highest health insurance costs in the nation. They were already high, but now they’re almost punitive.

  2. Michael, as a fellow Massachusetts resident, I could not agree more. My health Insurance went up 16% this year… again! If Obamacare has the same effect as Romneycare, we are all in trouble. That is the thing about Obamacare, if the rest of the country sees their premiums still go up, who will they blame? This year, I get to throw Romney under the bus don’t I? Is Obama the person to blame when it goes up again next year? The reality is that nobody… Republicans nor Democrats are addressing the real problems of health care.

  3. Michael Forrest

    Agreed. I addressed some of those central issues in a comment I made to a previous blog post. Probably the biggest problem is that everyone wants everything covered and yet they don’t want to pay much. They want health insurance to be a health *maintenance policy*. You can’t have it all. But the pols are too gutless or ignorant to tell their constituents about economic reality.

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