Episode 79 – BP: Beyond Paying for the Oil Spill

Here we are, in the midst of the biggest oil spill in the history of the United States, and according to federal law, BP is only on the hook for the first $75 million for what could cost more than $14 billion to remediate. From the 1:50 mark to 20:21, Jeff and Glenn talk about Arizona’s new immigration law and explain the politics of the issue as it unfolds and how one clause in the bill encourages racial profiling that one might expect to see in Nazi Germany more than in the United States of America. After a brief discussion of Glenn’s trip to Las Vegas and Sen. Reid’s campaign, the boys dive into the oil spill at the 26:12.  They discuss the economic impact and political ramifications, especially for those who were once for drilling who are now thinking it’s a not so great idea. Glenn reminds us that we’re focusing on the wrong issue here in seeking additional oil production to ease the reliance on “foreign oil”: the need for alternative sources of energy. PoliTalk: Best Friends. Vast Political Experience. Refreshing Political Discussion…without the fighting…and with a few laughs. Hosted by Glenn Gaudet and Jeff Kimball.

PoliTalk: Best Friends. Vast Political Experience. Refreshing political discussion…without the fighting…and with a few laughs. Hosted by Glenn Gaudet and Jeff Kimball.

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2 responses to “Episode 79 – BP: Beyond Paying for the Oil Spill

  1. So- comments on the future of the show. I do like much of the way that you do it now, highlighting current events and political ramifications. However, I think it might be interesting if you would occasionally delve a little deeper into state or even local elections, with respect to the US.
    Similarly, it might be interesting to occasionally discuss international politics (such as the recent British elections). I know that you guys probably don’t have the expertise to discuss that yourself but the guests you have had in the past have been excellent. Just my 2 centss

  2. Great show guys – could not agree more on the BP thing. It defies logic to think that BP would only be responsible for $75M, and you and I would pick up the remaining $13B or so. Sounds like a bailout. Does that mean we own BP now too? Can we merge them with GM and use the closed factories to produce wind turbines and fuel cells?

    I think that the point is dead on also, that this should not be about oil. It should be about getting off oil. Energy independence will be the single biggest issue that defines the leadership qualities and stamina of Gen X. We will take power soon, and solving energy independence strengthens the economy, strengthens national security, and strengthens the environment. What a great triple play.

    We send over $20B outside the US each month to buy oil. Lets figure out how to keep that in our economy, and out of the pockets of those who hate America.

    As for the future of Politalk – Go Live! – its time for live audience call in and discussion!!!!

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